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How will the Meta hiring freeze impact bootcamp?

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Incoming Mid-Level Engineer at Meta2 years ago

Meta is slowing down hiring, and they’re trying to focus on a few big bets across the company. As someone who is joining the company soon, how will this impact the bootcamp team selection process, and should this impact my team strategy?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago
    • In a recessionary environment, power is moving from employee to employer (not only for things like team selection, but also areas like work-from-home and other perks)
    • I imagine you’ll have fewer teams to pick from – you’ll be highly encouraged (or forced) to work on one of the top initiatives across the company, like the Metaverse, the IG shift to video, or ads.
    • When there’s a hiring freeze, you should be especially careful not to join a team which has a risk of getting into maintenance mode, since career growth will be significantly harder here.
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