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How do I deal with companies that ask very framework specific questions?

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Solutions Architect II at Amazon2 years ago

I’ve seen this a lot with smaller companies like startups. It’s just not likely that I’ve worked with the particular tech stack of whatever the question is about, so I can’t really answer them a lot of the time. How can I respond gracefully to these types of questions?



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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    2 years ago
    • Short answer: You don’t. It’s not worth it working at these places.
    • Companies that want you to know the ultra-specifics of 1 particular language/stack almost always treat their software engineers as "commodity coders". They're just there for raw output of this particular code type and aren't pushed to grow in other ways or learn new things.
    • Since you're at Amazon, you have the ability to be picky.
    • Next level: Be proactive about interviewing for these companies to begin with. Ask the recruiter what the interview is going to look like, and if it's going to be chock full of these questions, save everyone's time and pass on the interview altogether.
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