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Is Tesla a tech company? If so, how prestigious is it to work for Tesla?

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Anonymous User at Taro Communitya year ago

I got an interview call for SE position at Tesla and am considering to interview at Tesla. Is Tesla considered a good tech company to work for?



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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a year ago

    Is a Tesla a tech company?

    Yes, but I imagine the hardware and manufacturing are more important than the software. Tesla does mostly have decent software though.

    If so, how prestigious it is to work for Tesla?

    Everyone knows what Tesla is so probably a decent amount?

    Is Tesla considered a good tech company to work for?

    From what I've heard, Elon Musk's companies are notorious for poor work-life balance (and Elon does a lot of shady business practices like doing layoffs without respecting the WARN act), but Tesla is a name-brand company for sure. It should be solid on anyone's resume.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    Elon is good for creating shareholder value, but my impression is that he's not a fun person to work for :)

    Because of the poor work/life balance, I think some engineers wouldn't want to work there (so perhaps a bit less prestige). But then you are working on a product which is universally regarded as amazing...

    I'd talk to people during the interview process and figure out their background and why they chose Tesla.