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Start networking with the right foot on my new company

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Senior Software Engineer at Career Breaka year ago

Hey 👋

I’m joining a new company as a senior frontend engineer in about a week. I've found that people like to work with me; they say I have solid communication skills, am friendly, easygoing, etc. That's the feedback I always get from 360 reviews/1:1 with my manager.

The problem is that I struggle with making "meaningful" connections with people outside my team; I'm aiming to get promoted to Staff in the next 1-2 years or so, and for that, I know that I must connect with people outside my team (among other things). I'm also an ambivert.

I'd like to understand/get guidance about better ways to:

  1. Connect with people outside my team in a more meaningful way.
  2. This might sound silly, but what's the better way to "break the ice"? I can talk for hours if I know the person, but the first interaction is the hardest. I remember that in a previous job, I had to schedule meetings with other people in the org and I struggled a lot.
  3. I just realized that this "but how should I break the ice / I probably don't have much to say" mentality is what makes me avoid having 1:1 in the Taro community :(


Update: Add another bullet point.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    Good luck as you onboard into the new job! I recommend going through this blog post about the "Talk and Observe" framework for onboarding: https://www.jointaro.com/blog/talk-and-observe-a-framework-for-engineering-onboarding/

    Your question is about how to easily talk to your new colleagues, especially those outside your immediate team. I think a simple, straightforward approach is the best here:

    • Just ask "I'd love to understand your experience on the team."
    • Look them up on LinkedIn and ask questions about their career, especially changes they've made (moving, changing jobs, etc).

    You don't need to have much to say! Just be curious.

    I'd also recommend meeting up with your coworkers physically if possible. The small moments that happen IRL (walking to lunch, small talk as people come into the office, etc) turn out to be quite meaningful.

    Also check out the masterclass for joining a new team.