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How to ask a right question to colleagues and engineering manager?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community10 months ago

Day to day basis based on scrum and task definition or decision based on design approach, need to ask right question for colleagues?

Every week will have one to one meeting with engineering manager , what is that we need to ask right questions?

Every week will have eng.lead priority calls so what are the right question to be asked in terms of engineering approach for quarterly goals?



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    Senior Software Engineer at IBM
    10 months ago

    There's a lot of thoughts that go into something like this:

    1. What are you working on?
    2. How much do you know about the topic?
    3. What are the deadlines?
    4. How much research have you put into understanding what's going on before getting another person's input?
    5. Have your project partners been contributing their fair share to project completion?
    6. Was anything unclear in the initial communication?

    and even more. I have people reach out to me about all manner of items and personally I don't really make a big deal about it. If I think something is a bit overkill, I let them know in a friendly manner and we move on. If I think there needs to be more work, I let them know too. The whole just get it perfect isn't realistic. Just work with and enjoy each other's company and then move on.