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Can you please review and give me feedback on my resume for Data Science and Data Engineering roles?

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Entry-Level Data Scientist at Taro Community7 months ago

I am confident about cracking interviews, but the issue is that I'm not receiving any interview invitations. I successfully interviewed for a Data Science role in Supply Chain and was converted to full-time. However, since then, I haven't secured any interviews. I've attempted to apply with referrals Links, but no luck.

Could you please review my resume and provide suggestions for improvement? Additionally, do you have any tips on how to secure more interviews?

My usual process involves going to LinkedIn, identifying a suitable job, connecting with many people in similar roles at that company, and requesting a referral before applying for the role.

This is my resume - https://files.catbox.moe/wulbv0.pdf



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    7 months ago

    First, I recommend this great resource if you haven't seen it already: [Masterclass] How To Write A Stellar Tech Resume That Gets You More Job Opportunities

    You should also try attending one of our communal resume review meetups. The next one is just 3 days from now: Collaborative Resume Review Meetup #2

    When it comes to getting more interview opportunities, check out the following discussion and its linked resources: "How to get interview calls?"

    Finally here's my feedback on your resume:

    • Overall, the resume's solid. 1 page with clear sections.
    • It feels cramped. I recommending adding spacing in between items. If you need to remove things to keep it 1 page, do so. You can easily trim some of the academic projects.
    • I would rebrand "Academic Projects" to just "Projects" as schools projects are immediately not taken seriously.
    • Double check your capitalization. These are the kinds of spelling/grammar mistakes that get resumes tossed out immediately. For example "Bi-weekly meetings" - There is 0 reason for "Bi-weekly" to be capitalized.
    • I would remove the bold on key terms. It is distracting as other items like date are in bold text. Let your content speak for itself.

    Best of luck! The market is really bad right now, especially for junior folks in tech, so keep your expectations realistic and be patient. Hiring will be very slow right now due to the holidays too. It'll pick up in mid to late January.