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Using AI Note Taker for calls

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Data Engineer at Financial Company2 months ago

I had a post-offer call with a hiring manager to go into the role in more detail. It's easier to ask questions after you've gotten an offer and you're less worried about trying to impress.

I often find myself struggling to listen to the other person talking, take notes, and formulate my response/follow up question. One solution to this is to record calls. AI note takers further allow us to transcribe calls in real time and then get summaries of them.

Is it feasible to use an AI Note Taker in future scenarios like this? My strong guess is no - I am not even part of the company yet and most people are wary of being recorded (understandably).

When are AI Note Takers appropriate then? Presumably in situations where everyone agrees beforehand and where the organizer of the meeting thinks it's appropriate. Is this happening in company meetings? I haven't encountered it at my company yet, but I'm not at a cutting-edge Tech company.




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    Thoughtful Tarodactyl
    Taro Community
    2 months ago

    Yeah unless we agree before hand/run it by me I feel uncomfortable with AI notetakers. It feels uncomfortable to have every word I say recorded and kept somewhere I cant access.

    In my current company we use an AI notetaker only for the daily standup which is pretty neat. It integrates with slack and google meet and sends summaries daily once we finish the standup

    Another simple solution is just be honest, say hey im taking notes hope you dont mind and theyll understand if you take a pause before responding

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    2 months ago

    Given the inherent tension behind interview calls, you probably shouldn't even ask if you can bring in the AI note taker bot. There's a level of anxiety that comes with a robot recording your every move.

    For a company scenario, it makes sense for large group meetings. However, you definitely want to get consent first as the entire point of a meeting is to have a private discussion among certain individuals. The best case is to ingrain it into the culture where certain types of meetings (e.g. system design tech review meetings) are automatically recorded.