How can I pursue growth while maintaining work-life balance?

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Staff Software Engineer [Lead MTS] at Salesforcea year ago

I’m married with two kids. It’s important that I spend time with my family, while also doing well in my career. Do you have thoughts on growing my career without burning the midnight oil?

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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a year ago
    • Growth is hard and takes time, making it a conflicting priority to work-life balance (WLB). They can be woven together, but it’s very difficult.
    • The key to having both is ruthless prioritization. Of the 10+ items on your plate, you need to be excellent at identifying the 2-3 projects that provide 80-90% of the impact.
    • Work with your manager to align on and understand which of your work opportunities are the most impactful and therefore should be prioritized the highest.
    • At a higher-level, get a strong grasp of your team’s OKRs and KPIs. If you can do this, figuring out the most impactful projects is effectively math - Just find those that move the needle the most.