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Should I switch companies after accepting an offer?

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Anonymous User at Taro Communitya year ago

This is a hypothetical situation:

Say I pass all rounds for Company A, and they've extended an offer and are looking to fill the position as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, I'm interviewing with Company B.

I can ask for more time but Company A won't budge. Should I accept the offer from Company A, and then continue my interview process with company B? The implication being I switch over to company B once I pass all their rounds.

For context: Company B has better reputation and can offer better compensation.



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    Software Developer @ Nationwide Financial
    a year ago

    Usually, companies tend to be pretty relaxed if you're wrapping up the interview process while considering an offer. I would personally be a bit skeptical about a company not budging on their offer review time. That's just personally a red flag for me. So I would say that it largely boils down to how much you need the role immediately as opposed to whether you can wait a bit longer for another one to come up.

    I don't think I would personally tell someone about what decision they should make for their life, but personally speaking, if I wasn't in desperate need of immediate work/income then I would decline the offer, seeing if I could leverage the previous offer as my way to request a larger salary if asked about my salary expectations in future interviews.