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Booking.com is a Dutch online travel agency for lodging reservations & other travel products, and a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. It is headquartered in Amsterdam and one of the largest online travel agencies in the world. Founded in 1996, the website has over 28 million listings.


Promotion Guide

In Booking culture today, engineers will frequently apply for promotions multiple times before finally getting it. This is not seen as a negative signal.

Engineers need to submit a packet of their work for their manager to review.

  • Below level F, the manager and senior ICs will decide on the promotion. These promotions are considered "local" and are easier to push through.
  • Starting from level F, the packet is sent to a promotion panel to decide your fate. The manager is not part of this panel.

There's no limit to how many engineers can be promoted on a single team. This can lead to occasional situations where an entire team consists of senior engineers.

At Booking, the minimum time in the role before a promotion is 1 year. Exceptions to this are very, very rare, which can be a source of frustration, especially for early-in-career employees who are clearly performing at the next level.