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Snap Inc. is an American camera and social media company, founded on September 16, 2011, by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown based in Santa Monica, California.

Exceptional Team Member in team slowing promotion?

Entry-Level Software Engineer [L3] at Snap profile pic
Entry-Level Software Engineer [L3] at Snap

I have 2.5 years of experience and working as an L3 engineer at Snap. To give you a bit more context about the structure of my team, We have 2 L3s, 2 L4s and 1 L5 in the team.

We just had our half yearly performance review. The review I got from my manager for the half yearly performance reviews was “exceeds expectations”. Clearly, I am a high performer, and in any other case, having 2.5 years of experience, I would be looking at a promotion in the next 6months-1year. However, the other L3 in the team got “redefines expectations” in his performance review.

We have same years of experience. He is a better engineer than me. He manages projects better than me, his output delivery is faster than me, he’s really good at writing technical docs as well as communicating stuff to the important stakeholders. There is no debate as to who is the better software engineer in team.

My question is, how much having him in the team affects the speed of growth from my career ? I am completing 3 years of experience soon and want to get promoted to L4. However I don’t see any situation where I am promoted before him, and I worry that this means delay of my promotion considering he'd be promoted before me and we already have many L4s in the team.

Am I overthinking this? I just want to know if switching companies or teams would be more beneficial for me than waiting in this team. Should I discuss about this with my manager ? While he is very focussed on making sure that the teams does well, I don't get the feeling from him that he cares too much about my professional growth.

2 months ago

Second switch in a short time for promotion ?

Entry-Level Software Engineer [L3] at Snap profile pic
Entry-Level Software Engineer [L3] at Snap

Apologies for the long post.

Before Snap, I was working as an Entry Level Software Engineer in a company that had just IPO'd. The growth opportunity was amazing, and I was learning a lot, but I wanted to work for Big Tech for better compensation.

I worked in that company for 2 years after my graduation. And then I switched to Snap Inc as an L3 engineer. At my previous company, I was up for promotion in a few months, and I probably made the bad (in hindsight) decision to switch at that time instead of waiting for a few months, getting promoted and then trying for L4 at Snap (I don't know if Snap would still have offered L4)

Now I am almost completing 6 months at Snap (so total 2.5 years of experience) and I talked about promo with my manager. And he told me that he isnt putting me up for promotion in the next cycle (in 6 months) as I need more than >1 year experience (around 1.5 years) in the company for promotion. So this means the realistic cycle for which he would consider me would be a year from now (at that point I'd be 3.5 years work experience). Which to me feels way too late. For some context, I am a high performer with "exceeds expectations" feedback from my manager, so the only thing stopping me from getting promoted is my tenure in the company (acc to my manager)

My question is, should I wait for another year or should I start looking outward and considering I am 2.5 years right now (and 3 years by the time I get an offer) I should be able to get L4 in a Big Tech (I think?) I am not super certain about the future of the company as well so I will most probably be switching even after promotion.

All my college friends are L4's and SDE2's so I feel like I am behind in my career.

6 months ago