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Alex ChiouTech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero

Polish Your Resume

Your resume is the most important professional document in your life. However, a lot of software engineers are severely lacking in this department. This lesson teaches you:

  • The perspective of the often underappreciated tech recruiter and why they automatically reject the overwhelming majority of resumes, especially if they work for a top company like Big Tech
  • How to write a resume that recruiters won't hate and instantly throw in the trash, leveraging that empathetic mentality from before
  • The steep, underestimated cost of basic resume mistakes, which are incredibly common among immigrant engineers where English isn't their first language
  • Why you should make just 1 focused resume instead of several, especially if you're earlier-in-career
  • How recruiters hyper-efficiently read resumes (spoilers: they often don't read the entire thing)

13 minutes isn't nearly enough to fully understand all the mechanics of a good resume, so you should dive deeper here: [Masterclass] How To Write A Stellar Tech Resume That Gets You More Job Opportunities