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How This Course Works

Meta E4 -> E5. Google L4 -> L5. Amazon SDE 2 -> SDE 3 (the final boss). These are some of the most notorious senior promotions in the tech industry and for good reason: They're hard! The Senior Software Engineer promotion is the first promotion 95%+ of engineers seriously struggle with. So why is that? Well, in this course, we'll break that down in-depth and teach you how to navigate the Senior level up with far less struggle. Here are the core parts of the lesson:

  • Your instructor Alex Chiou walks you through his extensive 10+ year Silicon Valley background with rapid career advancement, ending up as a high-performing tech lead making $750k at Robinhood. More importantly, he goes through how he was able to grow his mentees to lightning fast promotions, particularly at Meta where he grew 5+ mid-level engineers (E4) to senior engineers (E5) in just 1 year!
  • You'll understand what it means to be a mid-level engineer vs. a senior engineer in the market, including the interview space.
  • We walk you through the course objectives. By the end of the course, you will understand:
    • 💡 Truly understand the difference between a mid-level engineer and a senior engineer

    • 🧠 Have the right mindset to behave as a senior engineer

    • 🛠️ Identify your technical gaps to senior engineer

    • 📃 Figure out your fundamental gaps to senior engineer

    • ✅ Define a clear roadmap to senior engineer

If you want to learn how Alex found a multi-million dollar bug as part of his E4 -> E5 senior promotion packet, check out his case study here: [Case Study] Solving A Multi-Million $$ Instagram Bug