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DSA Community Meetup  event
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If you don't have a Taro Premium membership, you can get it at a discount with Grace's special link here: https://www.jointaro.com/r/graceg708/

We'll hold this event on Zoom, and folks who join can split up into breakout rooms to practice DSA with each other, discuss or get feedback from others on their general approaches/job search.

We know that a lot of folks want a mock interview but are unsure/not confident to give one themselves, so we highly recommend using the resources here to learn how to give mock interviews:

Honestly, a lot of the value for giving a mock interviewer is just being a responsive human on the other side. No need to be a super DSA genius to give a proper mock interview!

We also recently launched Taro networking! Your mock interview journey doesn't have to end here - Use this platform to find other folks to mock interview with in the future: https://www.jointaro.com/networking/

More details here: https://taropremium.slack.com/archives/C03N2PNJK99/p1696626952479179

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