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"What does your day to day look like?" - 8/19/2022

  • In short, it varies a lot. Startups are extremely unpredictable, and the biggest problem facing the company will change every month or even every week.
  • However, there are 2 constants:
    • Talking with new Taro Premium members - We chat 30 minutes with every new member to get to know them, make sure they're set up properly within the community, and understand their job and career goals. These meetings add up, and we have a decent amount of them every day.
    • Talking with Rahul - There's always a ton going on, and we always have a bunch of ideas on how to evolve Taro, so we need a lot of time to talk each day, usually 45 minutes to 1 hour. According to YC, cofounders falling out is the #1 reason startups fail, so we really want to make sure that doesn't happen.
  • We try to get a decent amount of code in every week, but it's hard to find time for it and the company's top priorities are often times not build related.
    • On a side note, the highest build priority for us right now is to really make the Taro web app silky smooth.
  • We are fundraising right now, so that's dominating our lives.
  • We have a lot of meetings in general as networking is crucial for startups.