Taro Logo

"Why is Taro named Taro?" - 9/13/2022

  • Here are the 3 main constraints we had on a name:
    • It should be short (4-8 characters).
    • There should be a good domain for it, ideally a ".com" website URL.
    • It should have positive associations.
  • The reason it took 3 months to find a name for our product and company after we quit our jobs is because we spend the first 3 months thinking about what idea we wanted to do.
  • "Tech Career Growth" is a wonderful name for our free community, but it's not a great product name as it's too long and too literal.
  • We took ~3 weeks to decide on a name. Here was our process:
    • Come up with guiding principles for the name (covered above)
    • Brainstorm a bunch of names (100+)
    • Narrow it down to ~8 based on the above principles
    • Make a deck with the final candidates, weighing pros and cons
    • Have a couple rounds of discussion/debate to pick 1 name
  • You can think of "Taro" as a similar play to "Apple". Doesn't really describe what the product is, but it's a food with positive associations and a short name.
  • The logo is a "T" and has additional symbolism by looking like roads. Our goal with Taro is to help you navigate your career!