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"How can I help with what you guys are doing with Taro?" - 9/13/2022

  • If you can afford it, please join Taro Premium!
    • If you work at a Big Tech company, there's a good chance you have L&D (learning and development) budget that you can use to expense Taro and pretty much get it for free! Here's a template you can share with your manager to get Taro reimbursed.
    • Here are the companies we know of that can reimburse Taro: Meta, Google, Amazon, Robinhood, Airtable, Yelp, Gusto, Shopify, Gusto, New Relic
  • Send us your feedback!
    • As an early user of Taro, you have outsized power for taking a bet on us. We listen very closely to all user feedback at this stage.
    • On the mobile apps, we have a "Send feedback" button in your profile.
    • We're also on LinkedIn and the Tech Career Growth Slack.
  • If the Taro's content is helpful for you, share it!
    • In the mobile apps, there's a share button on every Q&A and video.
    • We spent a lot of time on the underlying tech for this sharing, using something called "dynamic links". They work on every platform, matching the user to the Taro web app, iOS app, or Android app accordingly.
    • Fun fact: Taro content links will open up within the Android app after you install it and sign-in if you are shared a piece of Taro content and didn't have the app yet.
  • If you're on Taro Premium, please share your perspective and answer questions! One of our core goals is to diversify the perspective on the platform.