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Figuring Out The Best Company To Join As A Software Engineer

  • Follow The Talent You Know
    • One of the best things about the tech industry is how full it is of extremely talented people, and you probably know some of them. In particular focus on those who are both talented and have a strong degree of integrity.
    • For the people you truly respect in your network, you should seriously consider the companies they go to as options. After all, if a company met the bar of these great people, it's probably pretty good!
  • Understand A Company's Strengths And Match Against Them
    • Different companies have different core cultural values, and it's really important for your values and theirs to align. When this alignment isn't there, it's far too easy to go somewhere, work very hard, and not achieve much impact or career growth.
    • Examples: Amazon's leadership principles, Netflix's emphasis on freedom and responsibility
    • To find out what the culture is like at other companies, consult your network and ask in Taro Premium!

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