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Rachel's Career Story: Waterloo, Yelp, Airbnb

To check out Rachel's excellent tech career advice, you can find the full playlist here.

Rachel moved to Canada in high school, and then attended the University of Waterloo where she picked up programming for the first time.

  • She did various internships as part of the co-op program, and her first job out of college was at Yelp.
  • After 9 years at Yelp, Rachel had become a Director of Engineering there.
  • Since 2020, Rachel has been an Engineering Lead at Airbnb, heading up the search product there.

Rachel's core learning: The times where you're uncomfortable and struggle are the times you learn the most. Stay calm and embrace the more difficult times in your career - When you view these situations as a growth opportunity, that's how you come out of them stronger than you were before.