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What Makes A Truly Great Tech Lead - A VP of Engineering's Perspective

Former Mixpanel VP of Engineering David Pan (also ex-Twitter, ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft) shares his wisdom on what it really means to be a tech lead, shipping projects effectively and leaving the team in a better place in the process.

  • Overview: Tech leads are extremely valuable. They allow a team to multi-thread and execute on multiple projects at once, not requiring the engineering manager to babysit everything.
  • Understands the business context: Great tech leads have strong product understanding and realize that software needs to be built in different ways based on the situation.
  • Project risk shrinks over time: Great tech leads are constantly looking for ways to de-risk their projects over time. As things get closer to the ship date, the project actually becomes less scary!
  • Level up the team along the way: Great tech leads figure out ways to leave the team in a better place than it was before the project.
  • If you're looking to become a great tech lead: Get to know your PM, assess risk proactively and tackle the hardest items first, and find opportunities to level up your teammates.

You can connect with David here: David Pan's LinkedIn

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