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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Tier 3 Companya year ago

Sometimes I find people with a backround similar to mine who have gone to places I would love to go. Naturally, I would love to learn from them as they have done what I wish I could do. Their time is of course quite valuable and I understand that it might be naive to think that they would want to talk to a random person whose incentive might be mostly for career growth. Is there any way I could approach this in a genuine way? Or should I try to avoid connecting with people because of this reason?



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    Eng Manager at Meta, Principal Eng at Microsoft
    a year ago


    I really like who emphatically you wrote the question. I highly suggest you approach people and essentially say that you said in the question.

    Don't say exactly this, but you can say something like this - Hi person A, I was really inspired to see your career journey and would want something similar to myself. I found A, B, C really interesting.... I know you might be quite busy and I value your time but can I have a 1:1 call sometime with you. While I can't offer much, I do promise to pay it forward....

    Thanks for considering.

    Couple of points -

    • Be ready to not get a response. Many such people get a lot of messages or connection request, they just don't see it various times.
    • There is no harm in asking, but no reply MIGHT also mean a No, so act accordingly. You lose 100% of shots you don't take.
    • People love helping others and a response is very much possible. Though, asking someone you know or have some kind of connection - may be alumni network or common friends - are much more likely to respond. See this video.
    • There are other ways, "Taro" itself aims to do the same. Massive shout-out.

    Finally, if someone does do offer time, please do pay it forward. Wishing you well.

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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago
    • In your first message, make it clear that you're not copy/pasting from a template (make it personalized)
    • Be interesting. Talk about an app you made, your unique insight, something very creative about you.
    • Have an ask. Something better than "can we do a meet and greet?"