How should I factor team switching into the E3 -> E4 promotion timeline?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta10 months ago

I'm considering a team switch, but I'm wary of the effect that it will have on my E3 -> E4 promotion timeline, which I know we have to do within 2 years. I've been at Meta for around a half - Does the timing for a switch work out here and what other factors should I consider?

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  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    10 months ago
    • I think the timing here works out well for a switch. You are pretty far from yellow zone, so you will have ample time to find your place in the new team and grow to E4.
    • If you are learning properly (picking up fundamentals as opposed to only tech stack specifics), the onboarding period shouldn't be too long. Just 1-2 months to get to the same level of productivity you were at before on your old team.
    • The 2 main factors to consider when doing team switch amidst up-or-out pressure are:
      • Timing
      • How you are trending
    • Timing is making sure you aren't leaving as you're in yellow zone+ or close to it
    • How you are trending refers to your current performance and growth. If you aren't trending well (MA- or MM), it's probably better to stabilize on your current team vs. going to a new team and putting yourself even further back on performance. However, if you're doing well (solid MA or MA+), then switching should be fine as current path is good enough to have a slight productivity loss.