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Is it useless to apply both for middle & senior roles of the same company + department + requirements + location?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Yandex3 months ago

Hey, currently looking through Google's careers site, seems like the only realistic SWE EU option is Warsaw, Poland, Google Cloud Software Engineer . There is a posting for SWE III and Senior SWE, other than that it's the same department, place, requirements.

If I apply for both the middle & senior positions, it seems logical for a company to only review me for one of them - if I pass for senior, but I'm willing to get paid as Middle, the clear option is to down-level me; and I only have 3 applications/month, so just wasting one of them on the 'same' job posting reduces my chances of getting an interview this month.

On the other hand, maybe it works as a 'boost' for my chances to even get noticed for a position of Warsaw Cloud SWE, as I have 3 applications/month I can make, and I spend 2 on it?



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    Senior Software Engineer at VW
    3 months ago

    Based on my experience, each posted position is reviewed by different recruiters. Applying for multiple positions can increase your chances of getting hired since one position might pass and another might be rejected. However, it is important to ensure that the position you are applying for matches your skills.

    BTW, I strongly suggest asking for referrals, which you can do here on Taro.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    3 months ago

    This is where having a human contact at the company is so important (i.e. a referral). Hard to say which is better, but I would not be concerned about the 1 vs 2 applications questions (I'd optimize for the short term).

    More important would be if you can get on the phone with a recruiter who can give you their assessment. You want to avoid the auto-rejection, and having an advocate, engineer or recruiter, is the best way to do that.