"What are some common stages and expectations in the frontend interview process for major tech companies, and how would you prepare for it?"

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Systems Engineer at Taro Community24 days ago

"As I consider switching to a Front End Engineer role at a major tech company, I'm curious about the differences, if any, between the interview process for frontend roles and traditional Software Development Engineer (SDE) interviews. Could you explain the various interview rounds and the key topics typically covered in frontend interviews at these companies?"

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    18 days ago

    At most major tech companies (FAANG+), the interview process won't be that different between a front-end engineer and a full-stack engineer role. These should all be common regardless of the role:

    • Technical phone screen
    • At least 1 or 2 data structure and algorithm (DSA) questions
    • At least 1 system design interview if you're interviewing for a Senior+ role
    • One behavioral/project-based interview.

    The differences will be in the last 2 categories:

    • The system you design will be about your frontend domain expertise. e.g. for Facebook, they asked me how I'd implement the Newsfeed with various view types.
    • The project-based interview will be about implementing some user interface, discussing best practices, and exploring various technologies or frameworks.

    The advice from the interview masterclasses will apply! (system design or DSA)