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Passed interview but they asked for a second phone screen. Should I ask if there was missing signal?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Taro Community15 days ago

So I passed my interview, and they’re phrasing it as a second phone screen.

However, I can’t help but think I was borderline and they’re giving me another chance.

Is it right to ask recruiter for feedback for this round or is it risky if I’m reading too deep into this?



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    Staff Eng @ Google, Ex-Meta SWE, Ex-Amazon SDM/SDE
    15 days ago

    How will the answer change anything? Will this affect your confidence? Will your nerves be on edge? Will you prepare in some different way?

    They are very unlikely to give you significant feedback. They may disclose if there is missing data, maybe not. They may be borderline on leveling, not general hiring. Someone may have botched their data collection.

    I would say approach it as you have approached the rest of the interviews. Ask if you want, but be aware that you may get information that negatively affects your performance.

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    15 days ago

    As Lee mentioned, that's in the past and there's not much good that can come out of it. Yes, you probably were borderline (I have both gotten and given 2nd phone screens for that reason), but honestly, that's a cause for celebration in this market. Getting a 2nd phone screen means you're still alive in the loop instead of rejected, and simply keeping your chances alive is so, so hard in this market.

    You're also very unlikely to get feedback, especially given this more edge-case scenario. I think asking is awkward at best and makes you look bad at worst.

    If the phone screen is behavioral, check this out: [Course] Master The Behavioral Interview As A Software Engineer