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Curious to know what the internal transfer process is like at your companies?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Bloomberg LPa month ago

I'm curious what everyone else's experience with internal transfer was like? At Bloomberg, I failed to internally transfer onto 3 other teams in the company (1 of which I had a working relationship with). They essentially put me through a full interview process like hiring for another company (coding, system design, talk through a big project you worked on). I believe I failed these because I didn't know understand how to sell myself as a senior (these were senior internal transfers) and had never done a system design interview before which actually eventually led me to Taro.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a month ago

    Internal transfers at Meta were pretty easy (or at least they used to be when the economy was good 😅 not sure if it's still easy). As long as had decent ratings and the other manager/team wanted you, you were empowered to make the change. Definitely no interview if you're staying within the same function (e.g. data engineer to software engineer would require a re-interview).

    However, switching teams and joining at a new level would not be considered a team switch. That's almost like interviewing for a new job with additional responsbilty.

    In that case, why not apply externally as well? There probably is some benefit to staying at Bloomberg since you know the culture, tooling, people, but job hopping can give you more leverage and likely higher compensation. And you're doing a lot of the work anyway.

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      Senior Leadership @ Meta | Mentor | Coach | Tech Advisor
      a month ago

      Internal transfers (same role/level) have not changed but with signifficantly fewer open positions it is becoming really hard for people to move as there are more internal candidates than open positions.

      General steps are, find a team that has an open role, reach to manager to discuss domain, projects and growth oportunities (common topics). You might need to share your previous half/year rating with the new manager. If both sides are alligned from there you inform your Current Manager you would like to move to another team, prepare a transition plan, Hiring Manager will reach out to the Current Manager, probably will ask for timeliens and potential growth areas for the individual so HM can continue with focused growth in those areas.

      Next is just move things in the internal tool, and done.

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