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Should I reach out to the interviewers with better answers after the interview is over?

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Software Engineering Intern at Taro Community5 months ago

Hi, I recently completed a product management interview with a company. I believe I can articulate some of my answers more succinctly via email. (this was not a strict coding style interview and thus I think more open-ended in nature). Do you think I should followup?

The company's feedback timeline seems to be a couple of weeks. While I respect their process, I assumed the evaluations were on a rolling basis, prompting me to expedite my interview, potentially at the expense of some polished responses.

When probed about potential hesitations regarding my fit for the role, I received a neutral response, leaving me uncertain about my standing.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your guidance!



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    Senior Software Engineer [SDE 3] at Amazon
    5 months ago

    It wouldn't harm to send a follow up email if you think it would increase your chances of getting an offer. Worst case they don't consider your responses for their decision. Best case you get the offer. In your email remember thank the interviewing panel for the experience and their questions.

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    5 months ago

    I actually recommend against this - You could try it, but I would keep expectations low. It's not fair for the hiring committee to consider interview material sent after the fact as this would require every candidate to send follow-up responses after the interview. Your interview performance should only be dictated by how you performed during the time of, because the "on-the-spot" signal is the most valuable.

    If you are going to do this, make sure to go through the recruiter so it doesn't come across as invasive/weird as I talk about here: "How to obtain email address of interviewer?"

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    5 months ago

    For SWE roles, I think reaching out shortly after the interview with an update on the code is neutral. However, for PM roles, it's less helpful to reach out, to the point of almost being detrimental.

    PM interviews are about problem-solving and discussion. Since there's no "one right answer" when it comes to PM interviews, I don't think you get any extra points by coming up with a better answer after the interviews ends. I wouldn't overthink, just spend your time focused on the next interview!

    A related question is about doing some reflection on onsite interviews.