How does one balance career growth in the company AND prepping for interview at FAANG+?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community4 months ago

Can you please share strategies in place for career growth ( L5 -> L6)

along side interview prep ( L5 / L6 ) for a FAANG+.

Goal: L6 at FAANG+, either direct or L5 -> L6.

Reason: More TC

Timeline: Not urgent, just waiting for the right opportunity.

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    Software Engineer @ Tesla
    4 months ago

    I'm not L6.

    But I did have to prep when I had a full time job and landed a mid-level role.

    I basically sacrificed my evenings and my weekend to do 1-5 hours of prep a day.

    I was able to find a community to do this with so it wasn't a straight grind AND I wasn't on a strict deadline. I would say, it took me maybe 6-8 months to land my offer (I took breaks in between). I was also very picky with the companies I interviewed with, as it sounds like you will be.

    I was aiming for consistency and progress over optimization because that's too much pressure for me.

    Finally, I also exercised passive strategies like networking with others, really tailoring my application to each position and coming up with supportive materials.

    I hope that helps with your first question, I don't know what your schedule is like but if you share more detail, I can provide more about how I went through my journey.

    Good luck!