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What should I consider when accepting/asking for a counter offer?

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Senior Software Engineer [P3] at Checkra year ago

Other folks on my team were prioritized for promotion over me, I was promised a comp adjustment in mid-cycle review and promotion at end of year. But this promotion would still not hit the compensation number I told them i'd need to stick around long term.

I Interviewed around, and got an offer above the compensation I was requesting from my current company, at the promoted level.

Seeing as I do enjoy where I work and what I work on, and money was the only issue (me not being valued where I thought I should be), is it worth listening to a counter offer? What should I consider? Should I share the numbers with my current company, or see if they can come up with the numbers to value me fairly?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    Do you know of other cases at Checkr where they made a compelling counteroffer? The policy depends on company and should educate what you do:

    • Google is well known for making aggressive counter-offers, especially if you have an offer from a competitor.
    • Facebook (Meta) does not do counteroffers, even for very senior engineers.

    I think you should at least hear the counteroffer, but the way you frame it depends on the above. If Checkr does a lot of counteroffers, your phrasing should be "I really love the team and the work I'm doing here, so I'd love to stay if we can find something agreeable on compensation." However, if they don't do counteroffers, I'd tell them more as an FYI, and then the ball is in their court if they really care.

    Given that the offer you received is above the target comp even if you did get promoted at Checkr, I feel strongly you should just reveal the details of the offer you got. This will reduce the number of roundtrips in the negotiation which will be good if you end up staying at the company.

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