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Data Engineer at Financial Company23 days ago

I want to highlight the good work a coworker has done for me by helping me out a lot and being really attentive and on top of things.

Per The Power of Thanks, I want to let their manager know. We don't have ThanksBot, so I'll be thanking via email.

Do I CC my peer, or just my own manager in my email to my peer's manager? Or do I address the email to my peer and CC their manager and my manager?




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    Thoughtful Tarodactyl
    Taro Community
    23 days ago

    Would it be possible to do it via Slack or Teams? At my previous company, we used to have a Slack channel dedicated to shoutouts. Anytime a coworker would go out of their way to help me I used to tag them in that channel, describing what they did and how it helped me and my other coworkers (including managers) would react with emojis/congratulate them

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    23 days ago

    If it's a recent occurrence:

    • I would send 2 messages: 1 to this person directly (no cc) and another 1 to their manager (cc your manager)
    • For the manager one, I would nudge them a little and mentioned that you hope this will contribute positively towards their performance review

    If this is a longer-term thing across the performance review cycle:

    • Just leave it in their performance review peer feedback you're leaving them
    • If you want, you can message their manager (and cc theirs)
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    Data Engineer [OP]
    Financial Company
    23 days ago

    Thanks for the feedback @Thoughtful Tarodactyl and @Alex! Based on @Alex's feedback, it's clear that I don't address my peer and his manager in the same email (particularly if I'm advocating a good review for him). Can I tell my coworker/peer that I advocated for him to his manager?

    A few clarifications:

    1. I'm on the Data Operations Team and my peer is in End User Admin/Cloud Support, so totally different department. I don't think I have the option to leave it in their performance review.\
    2. I'm not limited to email, we also use Teams at work, so I can use that, although there's no CCing in that case. \
    3. There's no shoutout channel, although might be a good idea for me to create one! At least for my department (Data Analytics and Reporting)\
    4. The help is recent, concentrated in the month of January, but this person has been consistent in following up and getting me over the finish line.