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I’m joining this startup as an entry-level engineer, but I don’t know the tech stack. How can I ramp up quickly and impress the team?

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Entry-Level Engineer at Seed Stage Startup2 years ago

When I was hired, the hiring manager said they were debating between mid-level and entry-level for me, but decided to go with the more conservative approach since I don’t know the tech stack here. How can I quickly show my technical skills despite not knowing the stack?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    For someone who doesn’t know the tech stack at my company (and especially if they’re entry-level), my expectation is not that they ship a lot of code immediately. Instead, I think the fastest way to impress the team is by going above and beyond in the “mundane” tasks that you are given when starting out. Another way of phrasing it: “care more about the details than other people”.

    A few tactical ways to do this:

    • When someone gives you code review feedback, act on it quickly, and then extrapolate their feedback to other parts of the codebase.
    • Write detailed test plans which include screenshots/videos, and an explanation of what you did.
    • Read the documentation or untouched code that no one has bothered to look at in years, and then share what you’ve learned (make it actionable, insightful, or both).

    If a new person on the team did this, they’d quickly win over my trust.