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How to properly reach out to former employees of a company I'm Interviewing/Negotiating with?

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Data Engineer at Financial Company2 months ago

When researching a company to find out:

  1. The kind of work they do there
  2. The culture

... the best thing I can think of to do is find former employees on LinkedIn and ask them. This helps me do well in the interviews (because I know what the company does and often what role I'm filling) and know whether I should accept a job (if the company is not toxic).

My question is, is there some kind of limit to the number of people I reach out to? Right now, I reach out to 5 people, and usually at least 3 get back to me pretty quickly. I find 3 is usually enough to get the info I'm looking for, particularly if they were on the team/department I'm interviewing with.

I feel like the answer to this depends on the size of the company. If it's a small startup, there might be more risk involved in asking folks because it can get back to people in the company. And even if it's not a startup, asking 20 former employees for their thoughts doesn't seem smart or reasonable, even if it does involve sending the same message to each.

Curious to get people's thoughts.




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    Software Engineer @ Tesla
    2 months ago


    Great question, I don't think there's a limit of people to reach out to. You're totally right that it depends on the size of the company. I think a 3/5 response rate is pretty strong. So, good for you!

    I would try to personalize each message instead of sending a copy-paste message though but that's just me. I usually reach out to 5-10 folks when I'm trying to inquire for information.

    Hope that helps!

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    Eng @ Taro
    2 months ago

    I would reach out to enough people where you have enough signal to make a good decision. If you are asking active employees, I would also try to read between the lines to make sure they aren't trying to hint at something negative without actually saying it out loud.

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    2 months ago

    This is a pretty smart thing to do actually - Why didn't I think of this back when I was interviewing πŸ˜…

    3 seems fine to me, and I would cap it at 5 personally. I think it's a good balance between too few and too many. I agree that asking 20 former employees would be overkill, mostly due to the massive time spent and diminishing signal (I'm not as worried about it getting back to the company).

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    Data Engineer [OP]
    Financial Company
    a month ago

    Thanks Xua, Charlie, and Alex!

    @Alex, I did get this idea from you! Point #2 in your answer here. You weren't talking specifically about former employees, but that's how I interpreted it!