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What skills/exposure/knowledge can I get from being an SRE that are useful to a SWE?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Lucid Softwarea year ago

I'm currently working as an SRE (Site Reliability Engineer). I was, and am still interested in being a Software Engineer.

I am interested in switching in the future to a normal software engineering role, but want to make the most of my current situation since I recently joined the company (late-stage startup).

What do you think would be some good skills, exposure, things I could learn as an SRE that would be useful to a Software Engineer?



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    Ex @Meta @Microsoft, Founder Algolab
    a year ago

    As an SRE, you can learn a lot of skills that'll be useful for software engineering. System design, automation, scripting, monitoring, debugging, troubleshooting production issues, infra as code, containerization, cloud computing - all these skills can give you an edge when transitioning to a software engineering or data engineering role.