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Does promotion make sense as a goal?

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Senior Software Engineer [IC3-2] at Etsya year ago

My first order priority is to ship great projects and have a strong narrative behind them, one that can help in future interviews when switching companies. Does it make sense to also pursue promotion (a move to Staff in my case) as a core goal? I know that this promotion can take a while, and I've been told Etsy falls under this bucket as well.



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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a year ago

    It varies from company to company, but I do think Etsy is a very solid shop so my answer is yes. I share a lot of my thoughts around how promotion is underrated in this video.

    In terms of how it helps tactically:

    1. You are generally genuinely growing while getting promoted - The growth amount goes up the better your company is. Like I said before, I think Etsy is a good company, so this should be a decent amount of growth if you were to progress to Staff.
    2. Protection against down-leveling - It's similar to negotiation: The higher you start, the better the worst-case scenario is. Let's say you're Staff at Etsy - I don't think a company like Google would down-level you twice to mid-level. I think if you were to switch from Etsy, you would get down-leveled once at most, which makes Staff useful as your lower bound is now Senior.