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How to have a high quality thinking and communication if your teammates are not on the same page?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Taro Community7 months ago

Well, I've read the choosing the right team blog here on Taro and I've a more extended question to it.

The team I'm working with is not focused in communicating in a high quality level or a thought process. Probably the leadership is fearing job security and impostor syndrome such that there is no process or documentation followed. Even the way the normal communication is happening is very weak.
Though everyone is well-paid the direction is not clear enough.

The other day I was learning GMAT syllabus especially the verbal section and I can see the difference in the lingo and effective communication.

Please share your thoughts.



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    Engineer @ Robinhood
    7 months ago

    Can you look to provide some examples of scenarios in which you feel the team is not communicating better and where you feel the gaps are? While this is a not an usual problem, there's definitely a lot of contextual nuance that impacts how to approach the problem.

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    Mid-Level Software Engineer at Series B Startup
    7 months ago

    Leading by example is great here. Start communicating in the way you think it should be done. But remember to keep in mind that there are many valid ways of communication, and what is "better" should be driven by noticable benefits like productivity, enjoyable work, improved product, less long tail negative impact, etc.

    If you're communication is better and beneficial, others will notice this when they work with you and have their work be more joyful and productive. They will remember this, and try to do the same.

    If your commutation method is not better, and they are opting for a more scattered, context driven and agile approach, you will notice this when the time you put into 'better" communication doesn't provide meaningful benefit.

    Either way it's a win-win. If your method is better you will have improved your organizations processes and established yourself as a leader. If it's not better, you learn more about different styles of communication and establish yourself as an ambitious team member who cares.