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Asking for Next Round Prep Before Getting There

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Data Engineer at Financial Company2 months ago

I just interviewed with a big tech company, it was the first round with the Hiring Manager. The next round is a technical assessment. I think I got to the next round, but don't know that. I want to ask the recruiter for more details on the next round and for things I can do to prepare, but I don't want to come off wrong (overly eager or presumptuous). Should I ask for next steps to prepare (advantage: more time to prepare), or is it better to wait that I've made it to the next round before doing so?



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    Senior Data Engineer at Warner Bros. Discovery
    2 months ago

    Asking in advance has its perks, and it could work wonders for you! It gives you enough time to prepare and shows that you're a proactive person who likes to plan ahead. Plus, it also indicates that you're genuinely interested in the job

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      Data Engineer [OP]
      Financial Company
      2 months ago