What can I do to get more face-to-face learning?

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Junior engineer at Series D Startupa year ago

I pretty much interact with everyone else through text-based means, which is all really pronounced in this remote covid era. However, I like to learn from other people directly, talking with them. For example, I'm currently working with a senior full-stack engineer doing things like pair programming and that has been helpful.

What can I do to get more of this deeper learning instead of trying to learn almost entirely through text?

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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a year ago
    • The core theme here is: Why not just ask for more face-to-face time? As long as you're requesting 1:1 series politely, worse case, you just get turned down.
    • Set up a recurring 1:1 with that senior engineer. Go to them directly if you feel comfortable; otherwise, leverage your manager as a "broker" to set it up. In terms of framing the conversation, just let them know that you respect them a lot and would like to learn more from their wisdom.
    • I'm sure there's many other engineers more experienced and senior than you on your team or on sister teams. Find those you really respect and ask them for 1:1s as well. You can ask for biweekly (or even monthly), so the request doesn't come off as overwhelming.
    • To get value from 1:1s, do some homework on the engineer you're meeting with, so you can ask really pointed questions. I highly recommend going through their code and pushing to understand why they code things in a certain way.