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How to navigate promotion talks when you don't want the next level right now?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community15 days ago


I joined my team as a new grad engineer a year back. Recently, in my 1:1 conversation with EM, he brought up talks about a promotion to next level and a plan to execute it in next couple of months.

Although, I think I am getting better in my current level, I don’t wish to take on added responsibilities of next level from this year, due to some personal problems.

My question is, how can I communicate this to my EM without coming across as someone who is not willing to grow or worst an employee just quiet quitting?

Also, as someone who is new to the tech industry, what are the disadvantages of delaying your promotion?



  • Harish Thiagarajan
    Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Stripe
    15 days ago

    One piece of context I’m missing from your question is whether your company has a stringent “up or out” culture. Are there time limits to getting to mid-level / senior at your company?

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  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User [OP]
    Taro Community
    15 days ago

    @harish - My bad, sorry about not giving more context. When I had checked with my manager about company having any such policy, I was told they don’t. They believe everyone is different and know wants to grow their career at a different pace

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  • Harish Thiagarajan
    Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Stripe
    15 days ago

    Gotcha, in that case, I always feel like honesty is the best policy. I’d be upfront with your manager that, while you appreciate their desire to uplevel you, you have personal obligations at present that would make it difficult to take on additional responsibilities (and you shouldn’t have to go into detail about what those are). If you genuinely feel like you’re up for the challenge after dealing with the personal issues, I’d let your manager know that as well.

    This way, you communicate what is going on and get on the same page while also not coming across as unenthusiastic about your job or the promotion.

    As for the disadvantages of delaying your promotion, I think this is primarily an issue in a place that has an “up or out” culture, but it seems your company doesn’t fall in that bucket.