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How do I confirm if I need to have garden leave before leaving for competitors?

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Anonymous User at Taro Communitya year ago

I received offer from Bytedance where the HR asked if garden leave will be applied since I am working at their competitor (a FAANG company).

I am keen to this contract as it is for a higher seniority and the job scope seems to be more impactful than what I am currently working in.

I checked my employment contract and there seems to be no mention of garden leave or anything similar to .

But at the same time, I am hesitant to confirm with HR at the risk of revealing my intent to leave before signing Bytedance contract.

Any thoughts on moving jobs from FAANG companies to competitors?

I am based in Singapore. But would like to get your perspective on this.



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    Head of Engineering at Capgemini
    a year ago

    Congrats on the Bytedance opportunity! Sounds like exciting stuff.

    It's pretty hard to advise on this given it's more of a legal matter and will heavily depend on how the terms are laid out on the employment contract.

    Highly recommend getting professional legal help that knows how to navigate the waters that are specific to your region. Normally a quick consultation will solve this and shouldn't lead to any material legal costs. A small investment in this is certainly worth it given the stakes here on your ability to take up the offer / opportunity costs on how long the garden leave may apply.

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