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When tackling a problem - how to make sure that the initial planning phase is done right before commencing development ?

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Anonymous User at Taro Communitya year ago

What are the different approaches people take that work best for them to make sure that all boxes are ticked and they have a solid plan to tackle a problem before starting development?

Objective: Not be half way through development and realise they have missed an edge case or have misunderstood a requirement and have to go back to the planning phase

Consequence: Missing deadlines



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    a year ago

    tldr: underpromising helps cover a variety of sins including this issue, to avoid missing deadlines

    I’d love to hear another answer to this as it seems like a common issue. A very related question just now where my answer partially addresses this: https://link.jointaro.com/jWEZhHe7AATz2mkG7