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How can I build alignment on projects faster, so I can ship them more smoothly?

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Software engineer at Seed Stage Startup2 years ago

At my previous company, I proposed adding in some new JWT libraries. However, there was a lot of pushback from the principal engineers about security vulnerabilities in these libraries. We eventually figured out a path forward, but it took a long time - There was a huge back and forth on how to do things right.

How can I optimize future situations like these, so I can set myself up for success at my new company?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    Building alignment is about communication. There are often growing pains at a startup due to how quickly things change: it’s easy to forget that newer people don’t have context.

    • Send out regular updates about your project and what changes you anticipate.
    • Reinforce your goals and changes you’re making in standups, team meetings, and 1:1s
    • The key stakeholders should not be surprised by your code change/pull request
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