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Level Up Your Code Quality As A Software Engineer

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Alex ChiouTech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
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Course Overview

With the infinite amount of tutorials and infrastructure services out there nowadays, writing code really isn't hard - Just getting things to work is much easier than ever before. This means that if you want to stand out as a software engineer, you need to write much better code than almost everybody else.

Every engineer needs high code quality, especially at Big Tech companies like FAANG where the slightest mistake can hurt hundreds of thousands of users and cost millions of $$. After going through this course, you will:

  • πŸ”Ž Understand what good code looks like (and doesn’t look like)
  • 🌱 Set up the right growth mentality around code quality
  • πŸ’» Learn how to submit a quality pull request
  • 🍝 Avoid common messy code patterns

Now you might be looking at this and thinking, "I need to move fast, I don't have time to write the perfect code". This is a very understandable misconception many engineers have before getting to the highest-levels, but it couldn't be further from the truth: When you write better code, you will actually move faster as a software engineer. Don't believe us? - Take the course and find out why!

Meet Alex Chiou

Alex Chiou is a proven Silicon Valley engineer with 10 years of experience across top tech companies like PayPal, Course Hero (now Learneo, a $3.6B unicorn), Meta, and Robinhood. Across his entire storied career, he has been a champion of code quality and woven it into so many of his accomplishments:

Course Hero

At Course Hero, Alex was hired as their first Android engineer and tech lead. From there, he grew the team from 1 to 4 engineers and led the Course Hero Android app to having the highest NPS by far of any Course Hero surface (web, iOS, and Android) with the most 5 star ratings.


At Meta, Alex was a Top 5% code committer and Top 1% reviewer, always getting Exceeds Expectations or higher on the Engineering Excellence performance review axis every half:

  • With 270+ diffs landed per half, Alex landed more than double the average Meta engineer. This is largely because his code quality was extremely high, leading to his diffs getting approved and landed on the 1st try 95%+ of the time. Alex was one of very few engineers within his 100+ person org to have an average time-to-close of less than 1 day.
  • With 720+ diffs reviewed per half, Alex reviewed more than three times as much code as the average Meta engineer. This is because his expertise in code quality let him spot messy code patterns extremely quickly, uplifting his entire team (and multiple sister teams) to ship much better code.

Side Projects

Outside of work, Alex has built several side projects at scale and with a stunning degree of quality: