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Alex ChiouTech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero

Everything In 1 Place

Monoliths and god-classes are 2 of the most common code anti-patterns, especially in Big Tech. They're extremely easy to fall into, and monolithic infrastructure is actually the right call for the vast majority of software as 99% of software is nowhere near the scale of FAANG. This lesson will teach you:

  • Why the "Everything In 1 Place" anti-pattern is so damaging, not just for readability but developer productivity as well
  • One of the most powerful clean code techniques: The delegate pattern (this is how Meta referred to it). It can go by other names, but the core concept is to understand how an interface works. Once you master this pattern, you'll be able to break up any large codebase into readable, focused, modular components. Delegates were easily the most commonly used clean code pattern back during Alex's time at Instagram. Alex goes through an in-depth example from the Taro app itself to walk you through exactly how this technique works.

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