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Neuralink is developing brain-computer interfaces to increase our bandwidth for interfacing with the world.
Austin, USA
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Neuralink is a cutting-edge neurotechnology company developing brain-computer interfaces to revolutionize how we interact with the world. They are seeking talented individuals across various disciplines to tackle new challenges in increasing our bandwidth for interfacing with the world.

At Neuralink, employees have the opportunity to make a significant impact and work alongside some of the smartest and most talented experts from different fields. The company offers a dynamic work environment focused on solving interdisciplinary challenges in brain-computer interfaces.

Neuralink is hiring for a wide range of positions, including roles in Operations, Surgery Research & Development, Quality, Surgery & Robotics Engineering, Research Services, Brain Interfaces, Software, BCI Applications, and more. They have openings for various engineering positions such as Electrical Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, Digital IC Design Engineers, and Software Engineers specializing in areas like Implant, Lab Systems, and Robotics.

The company also offers internship opportunities in Mechanical Engineering, Robot Optics, Software Engineering (Site Reliability), and Systems & Process. Neuralink has offices in both Austin, Texas, and Fremont, California, providing flexibility in work locations.

Joining Neuralink means being part of a team that's pushing the boundaries of neurotechnology and working on projects that could potentially change the world. If you're passionate about contributing to groundbreaking advancements in brain-computer interfaces and want to work in a fast-paced, innovative environment, Neuralink could be the perfect place for your career.

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  • Solve new challenges to increase our bandwidth for interfacing with the world
  • Work on interdisciplinary projects in brain-computer interfaces
  • Contribute to the development of cutting-edge neurotechnology


  • Varies by position

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