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Senior Software Engineer, Bedrock

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The leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise
Bengaluru, India
Backend · DevOps
Senior Software Engineer
3+ years


Okta is The World's Identity Company, providing secure access and authentication solutions for businesses and individuals. As a Senior Software Engineer in the Bedrock team, you'll be part of building and maintaining Okta's highly-automated build, release, and testing infrastructure. You'll work on scaling the infrastructure to handle tens of thousands of tests for every commit, reducing compute time from days to minutes.

Key responsibilities include creating and coding tools for internal use to support continuous delivery, collaborating with Development, QA, and Ops teams to innovate and enhance build and automation infrastructure, and implementing new technologies in the build and CI system. You'll also work closely with internal customers to roll out projects, monitor adoption, and fine-tune processes.

The ideal candidate has 3+ years of experience with languages like Python, Go, Java, or JavaScript, and a strong understanding of microservices architecture, AWS, Kubernetes, and Linux. Experience with virtualization, dynamic provisioning, and Docker is crucial. You should be able to coordinate cross-functional work and have an understanding of Agile methodologies.

Okta offers amazing benefits, opportunities for social impact, and fosters a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. Join us in shaping the future of identity and access management technology!

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  • You will be part of the team that builds, maintains, and improves our highly-automated build, release and testing infrastructure
  • Scripting, tools-building, and automation are paramount to Okta Engineering; everybody automates. You will be creating and coding tools for internal use to support continuous delivery
  • Team up with Development, QA and Ops to continuously innovate and enhance our build and automation infrastructure
  • Collaborate with peers and stake-holders to create new tools/process/technology. We use the latest technology from AWS and you can experiment, recommend, and implement new technologies in our build and CI system
  • Work with internal customers to roll-out projects and process, monitor adoption, collect feedback, and fine-tune the project to respond to internal customers' needs


  • 3+ years of experience with one or more programming languages including Python, Go, Java, Javascript
  • Good understanding of application development, micro services architecture and successful elements of a multi-service ecosystem
  • Ability to coordinate cross-functional work towards task completion
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies is a plus
  • Past experience working on AWS or K8S
  • Good understanding of virtualization, dynamic provisioning, Docker, AWS and Linux
  • Experience in Kubernetes is a plus
  • B.S. Computer Science or equivalent


Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Making Social Impact
  • Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Okta

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