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How To Properly Learn To Code As A Software Engineer - Do The Simple Thing First

Software engineers are obsessed with using the most modern framework in pursuit of the best code. Ironically, this dogma leads to them writing terrible code.

Here's the core points:

  • Do the simple thing first - When picking up a stack, use the most basic framework. If possible, don't use a framework at all. By starting with the primitive setup, you will understand its limitations. This means that when you move up to modern frameworks and libraries, you will truly understand the problems they are trying to solve, allowing them to use them properly.
  • You can't "cheat" advanced code understanding - You can't jump straight to the cutting-edge tech. These abstractions are powerful for a reason: They are naturally complex and require a deep understanding of the overall stack to use. When you try to "skip to the end", you will write bad code. The most terrible code comes from more junior software engineers trying to be smart prematurely with "modern architecture".

This highlight is from our masterclass on "How To Write Better Code Faster As A Software Engineer". Click here to watch it.

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