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How can I break into Big Tech in a senior non-engineering role?

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Partnerships Lead at Series A Startup2 years ago

I’ve built my career in startups around the world (Asia and Europe), primarily in partnership and business development roles. My goal now is to land a Big Tech job, primarily in the US market.

A lot of my experience has been in areas like crypto, where FAANG companies don’t have as much of a presence. So I don’t have a deep network of folks who can refer me. What can I do to successfully land a BD role in a large, tier 1 tech company in the next year or so?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    Referrals are the best way to land a job, especially for more senior roles where background + relationships become more important.

    In the absence of that, two thoughts:

    1. Present a portfolio of your work. Make it easy to access, and get to the punchline fast. Even if it’s in another domain (like crypto), emphasize the transferable skills. I’m sure the partnerships skills + strategies should mostly apply to other sectors like fintech, education, etc.
    2. Instead of targeting the largest tech companies, aim instead of well-funded, fast-growing companies. E.g. companies like Plaid, Stripe, or Checkr. These companies will be more willing to take a bet on an “outsider” especially if you are able to show that you took the time to research that company in particular. In terms of comp, these companies will have similar (or even higher) salaries than Big Tech, but the equity will be illiquid for a few years (but on paper will likely be worth more).