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How can I find more opportunities to grow when I'm getting very little real feedback?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Series D Startup6 months ago

I feel like engineers on my team are all just doing their own thing. I work on the front-end, and when I go into front-end meetings, it seems like nobody has an opinion on how we can improve.

I like working with the people here: Everyone is nice and the overall work/life balance and vibe are relaxed as a result, but nobody is pushing me to get better and I'm not even sure what better looks like. It seems like my manager is fairly removed from the code at this point, so they don't have concrete feedback for me.

I get some meaningful feedback in code review, but not a lot. A lot of the comments are more surface level.

Given all this, what can I do to grow more?

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  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    6 months ago
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