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Meta is rescinding intern offers. How can I succeed now that I can't convert to full-time?

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Software Engineering Intern at Meta2 years ago

Meta announced that they won’t be giving return offers to interns this summer amidst economic headwinds, which is really demoralizing.

Other companies are also putting a hold on hiring junior engineers – what should I do?



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    Rahul Pandey [OP]
    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    First, I wanted to call out that it’s stupid for Meta to block all interns from getting a return offer. Like, it makes zero sense given how profitable the company is. The best interns operated at the E4 level and are extremely sought after – I don’t understand why Meta would be turning these engineers away 😨

    Some thoughts:

    • You have the Meta brand name on your resume – you’re going to be fine!
    • Continue working hard in the internship, and put an extra emphasis on building relationships. Leverage your connections for referrals, both now and in the future.
    • Look at similar or competitive companies, or where your work is especially applicable (e.g. Snap, Tiktok, Twilio, etc). You’ll have an edge in applying to these companies.
    • Check if you can do a longer internship, or another 3 month internship.
    • Build your own software and try to generate revenue while also building something interesting.
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    Update: Interns who got GE+ are receiving offers. No news for other interns as of mid-August though.

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    Staff Software Engineer @ DoorDash, ex-FB, ex-Klaviyo
    a year ago

    We are hiring!