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I want to discontinue my work in current project and want to talk to my skip regarding the same

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Anonymous User at Taro Community10 months ago

I have been working on a sister team project for a while which is lead by my skip manager. My manager told me that once I am done with the work in my sister team's project, I could reach out to him for future projects. I want to talk to my skip regarding the same and tell him that I would like to move out of this project as I am done with my work. How do I approach him? Could you please let me know?



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    10 months ago

    If you're out of work, then you need to find more work (you don't want to just sit around doing nothing). If this sister team project doesn't have any work left for you, then I'm sure your skip will understand that it's time to move back. Is there a reason you're potentially afraid of retaliation or something?

    For general communication tips, I recommend this: Alex's Guide To Effective Communication

    If you need to stay on this sister team for whatever reason, you'll need to create scope to have something to do. We have a playlist for that: [Taro Top 10] How To Create Scope As An Engineer